YFH Architects brings experience and skill to your project. We commit ourselves to bringing your vision into reality.

YFH Architects, Inc. began as Maurice H. Yamasato, AIA and Associates in 1973.  In the early years, the firm specialized in custom homes and residential renovations.  As Mr. Yamasato’s reputation grew, so did his company.  In 1999, Yamasato Fujiwara Higa & Associates Inc. was established.  The company continues to design custom homes, and has expanded its portfolio to include planning, as well as commercial, retail, restaurants, government, industrial and interior design.  Today, we are simply known as YFH Architects, Inc. and we pride ourselves on professionalism and our efficiency to turn around successful projects, time and time again.  We look forward to collaborating with you on your project.


Our office is located on 1100 Ward Avenue.

We provide itemized and concise estimates starting with the very earliest architectural/engineering programming and planning to the final stages of design to construction. We strive to design and complete each project to fit within your budget. We bring to these projects a team with an excellent reputation and track record for efficient and cost effective design. We hand select our team of architects and engineers tailored to fit your project, expectations and budget. This approach has lead our team to several recognitions.

The YFH team will provide all necessary architectural and engineering services from initial planning and conception to construction and completion. During this time, we monitor our schedules tightly and can provide intermittent status updates to our clients. Our team will treat each project with the utmost importance importance customized to your schedule.

Our design team works effectively to complete each task and project on time and within budget.  The ability to collaborate and to be on a variety of projects simultaneously stems from our family oriented roots at YFH Architects inc.

YFH Architects inc.  through its forty-plus years of business fin Hawaii has successfully completed many custom projects accumulating a vast portfolio.  Attributing to our success has been our staff’s proficiency and knowledge in the latest technology to assist us in creative design and construction.

YFH Architects Inc. follows a strict quality and cost control procedure for all of its services. Project architects establish and provide an accurate timeline and schedule which the staff is held to during the design conception phase. Once the design is given the client’s blessing and approval, the next phase, construction documents, is carried out.

Our in house review team will review the construction document package before being released for each phase of submittal. We find that the assigned reviewers who have little involvement in the project, sort of the “fresh pair of eyes” philosophy has worked well for us.